Asking For Everything Is Simple: How To Create The Perfect Wedding Registry

Your relationship is exclusive but your wedding registry should hot have to be. Crafting your wedding registry is one of the most fun tasks a couple gets to do together. Gone are the days when you have to create multiple registries from different stores so that you have covered all of the goodies on your wishlist. In this our first entry of the new Efficiently Ever After series we have teamed up with Zola, the universal wedding registry, to help you create the perfect wedding registry. From thoughtful gifts and funds to unforgettable experiences and trips, thanks to Zola the perfect wedding registry just got a whole lot easier. Start your own Zola wedding registry today and receive $50 in Zola credit once you receive $500 in gifts.

Zola Wedding Registry

1. Make Two Lists Before You Start — What You Want & What You Need

When you sit down to start your registry it is easy to get “click” happy and begin adding everything and anything you see. In order to make sure you get what you need – and some of things you really want –  you should first map out two seperate registry lists to ensure there is a good mix of both.

Zola Wedding Registry

2. Ask For Cash In A Stylish Way

Lets face it, you will be spending lots of money on your wedding so it is nice to get some of that back to help replenish your savings. Up until now, the question was always how to best ask for cash without sounding tacky or greedy? Thanks to Zola you can add cash as a gift and because it is part of the wedding registry you avoid any guilt or awkwardness associated with guests and friends handing over personal checks.

3. Add Experiences To The List

Want to get away for the weekend to a snowy cabin in the woods or jet off to Paris for a long weekend? With Zola you can register for an Airbnb gift card to help make all your travel dreams come true. Adding experiences to your Zola wedding registry is a fun way to diversify your wish list espcially when you have your kitchen and household needs already squared away.

Zola Wedding Registry

4. Offer Group Gifting

There is nothing more disappointing than adding a high priced item to your registry only to watch it remain unfulfilled. With group gifting your guests have the chance to go in on a gift together and make the transaction add up. Zola allows you to “turn on” group gifting for any item in your registry so guests can contribute an amount they feel comfortable with which is a great way to ensure that some of those lust after items get purchased!

5. Control Your Gifting & Shipping

After tying the knot many couples choose to head off immediately on their honeymoon which sounds great but also makes it difficult when you have registry items pilling up at your front door. Zola now offers couples a chance to control when and where items will be shipped meaning that couples can choose to have all of their items held until a later date and even decide which items they want to exchange or return before those items even ship.

Zola Wedding Registry

6. Ask For Everything — No Matter The Store

Creating several different registries sounds like a dream but it is actually a lot of hard work and usually very difficult to manage. Fortunately, Zola made this easier process easier with the help of their handy “Zola Button” you can add items from any online shopping site.

7. Make It Personal And All About You

Lots of wedding registries are generic and make it hard to add a personal touch beyond the wedding date. With Zola couples can personalize everything with notes images and a welcome message so their registry feels like them. Sounds pretty amazing right??? Start your own Zola wedding registry today and receive $50 in Zola credit once you receive $500 in gifts!

Zola Wedding Registry

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