Parisian Wedding Inspiration

Paris Wedding Inspiration : Bride & Groom at Palais RoyaleThe French have a certain elegance that I find so inspirational in it’s simplicity. Early this fall, this Parisian wedding captured this elegance perfectly! The ceremony, held at the courthouse in Paris was both stunning and intimate in it’s straightforward tradition and lovely historical setting. The bride wore a beautiful long sleeved dress while her groom donned a crisp navy suit. White rose petals were tossed as they left the courthouse by the twenty people in attendance. The florals consisted of  a calla lilies and late summer hydrangeas which beautifully complimented the abundance of flowers and fall foliage as they passed through the Plais Royale en route to their reception. Delicious French wines flowed freely at their private dinner at the edge of the gardens. The wine accompanied a traditional French feast which ended with a beautiful berry cake. I could go on and on because I have never seen such a simple execution of pure elegance. These photographs come to us from a member of our team at MCR WEDDINGS!


Paris Wedding Inspiration : Dress by Paul Ka Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 10.48.42 AM Paris Wedding Inspiration : Bride Descending Marais Stairwell

Paris Wedding Inspiration : Early Autumn in Paris Pairs Wedding Inspiration : Parisian Courthouse Paris Wedding Inspiration : White Rose Petal Toss Paris Wedding Inspiration : Leaving the Courthouse Paris Wedding Inspiration : Early Autumn in the Garden Paris Wedding Inspiration : Groomsmen in Palais Royale Paris Wedding Inspiration : Lily Bouquet Paris Wedding Inspiration : Palais RoyalePAris Wedding Inspiration : Dinner at Mateo Paris Wedding Inspiration : Classic Champagne Toast Parisian Wedding Inspiration Parisian Wedding Inspiration : Green Hydrangeas Paris Wedding Inspiration : Fall Florals Parisian Wedding Inspiration : Berry Cake

parisian wedding Eiffel tower

Photography : MCR WEDDINGS

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