Vintage Style High Heels By Hey Lady

Picking the right shoe to go with your wedding dress is not always that easy, especially if you are looking for a pair that are going to make a bit more of a statement than just simple white ones. When I attended the NY Wedding Market last week I met with the designers behind Hey Lady Shoes who bring you vintage chic designs with modern comfort. Not only are all of their designs super cute and rustic wedding chic but yes, these shoes actually are comfortable! These heels are made with performance insoles typically seen in running and basketball shoes which features high-impact Nasa-developed memory form which is breathable and shock-absorbing for maximum comfort and allows you to dance the night away. Whether you choose one of the more traditional colors and style or a more vibrant one you can’t go wrong with Hey Lady High Heels!
credits – all styles and photos are curtsey of Hey Lady Shoes

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