Ask Maggie: Wildflower Bridesmaid Bouquets


RWC Reader: I am having trouble finding the right bouquet for my bridesmaid for my farm style wedding. I really like the wildflower bouquet look and I think it would compliment our farm setting.  I don’t have any specific type of flower or color in mind. As the bride I will be carrying a sunflower bouquet. Can you help give me some ideas?

Selecting the right bouquet can be one of the very fun and creative parts of planning a wedding but it can also be a bit of a struggle to find the right look. I have found that many brides know exactly what sort of bouquet they want to carry but they have not given the same type of thought to the bridesmaid bouquets. Here are a few suggestions which mig help this bride start to see a path to the right rustic bouquet for her bridesmaids. Make sure to check out tips from one of our wedding pros on how to select the perfect wedding bouquet.

pink-white-wedding-bouquetSee more from this wedding daisy-wedding-bouquetbridal-wildflower-wedding-bouquetSee more from this weddingdaisy-rustic-wedding-bouquetSee more from this weddingwildflower-wedding-bouquetwildflower-bouquetsSee more from this weddingwildflower-rustic-wedding-bouquetwildflower-wedding-bouquetsSee more from this wedding rebecca-shepherd-flowersSee more from this weddingSee more from this wedding 

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