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25 Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

25 Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

1. Give Out Sunglasses

Sunny wedding days are great but if you are having an outdoor wedding you might want to think about offering your guests some shades!

2. Have An Outdoor Dance Floor

Dancing outside is so much fun and the summer months are perfect for this type of wedding so plan to have both your dinner and dancing outside.

3. Decorate With Balloons

In the past the idea of decorating your wedding with balloons might have seemed somewhat cheesy but now thanks to oversizes balloons it can be done in a totally chic way.

4. Create A Drink Stations

Let your guests grab a drink on their own with by creating a drink station. See our post on wedding drink displays ideas for more ideas.

5. Offer S’mores

A classic yummy summer treat which will be enjoyed by everyone at your wedding.

25 Great Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

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6. Offer Casual Seating

Having an outdoor wedding means you might either want to or might have to have a more casual seating plan – either way, we love this idea.

7. Use A Ceremony Backdrop

Make a statement for your ceremony by setting up a fun and unique ceremony backdrop.

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8. Dine Under Lights

Set up lights and have your dinner feast under lights – so romantic.

9. Line Walkways With Lanterns

A wonderful way to add to the atmosphere is to use lanterns around your wedding and to line the walkways.

10. Use Church Pews

Having an outdoor wedding means setting up chairs or you can think outside the box and set up old church pews – many vintage rental companies offer pews so check out our list of rental companies on our Rustic Wedding Guide.

11. Use Tree Stumps

There are so many ways you can use tree stumps in your wedding but we love the idea of having them line the path to your ceremony.

12. Offer Blankets For Cold Nights

It often gets cold at an outdoor wedding so make sure to have some warm blankets available to guests so they can stay cozy.

13. Make A Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand is a fun and refreshing treat for your guests of all ages.

14. Give Out Fans & Parasols

Keep your friends and family cool under the sun by offering fans and parasols.

15. Have An Outdoor Bar

Having an outdoor wedding means being able to set up a fun outdoor bar – get creative with idea!

16. Hayrides

Shuttle guests around your outdoor wedding venue with fun hayrides.

25 Great Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

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17. Fun Tablecloth

No need to stick to white or one color tablecloths – how about adding something like a plaid or a gingham checked.

18. Give Flip Flops

Make sure your guests get out there and dance by having a bin of flip flops out for them to change in to.

19. Use Vintage Props

A truck is just one of many vintage props which can make for the perfect addition to an outdoor wedding. Find a vintage rental company now.

20. Wear Flats

Get rid of those heels and wear flats – you will enjoy your day that much more. You might also want to make a note on the invitation which invites your guests to wear flats as well.

21. Serve Ice Cream

Everyone loves ice cream so why not make it the official wedding dessert.

22. Have Food Trucks Cater

We love it when couples hire food trucks for their wedding – see our post why to have a food truck cater your wedding.

23. Have A Sparklier Sendoff

Leave your wedding under a sparkier sendoff – it makes for really great pictures.

25 Great Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

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24. Set Out Lawn Games

Lawn games are great for wedding entertainment. Easy to set up and take down this is one wedding decoration which everyone can offer. See our post on Lawn Games For A Backyard Wedding.

25 Great Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

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25. Have A Bonfire

If you rustic wedding venue allows for a bonfire have one. A little late night bonding around the fire is a fun way to end your evening.

25 Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

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