3 Ways To Create A Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

Unique Wedding Registry

Wedding registries are a great way to steer guests in the right direction when purchasing a wedding gift—but what if you really don’t need more stuff? More and more couples are already living together by the time they get married, minimizing the amount of kitchen gadgets and flatware still needed by the time they say “I do.” So why not mix it up? Think beyond department stores and price scanners and come up with a registry that fits your needs and style (and that won’t leave you with three sets of lemonade spoons and four French presses to squeeze into your apartment). From creative registries such as Merci Registry to charitable ones like I Do Foundation we found some great alternatives.

Donation Registry

Perfect for: The couple that already lives together and has all the “stuff” they need, or the couple that loves to give back to others.

I Do Foundation

With all the expenses and frivolity that can accompany wedding planning, it is nice to take an altruistic step back and consider asking guests to donate to a cause instead of buying you and your partner a dozen dishes and a waffle maker that you don’t want or need.  Pick a cause that you both feel passionate about—a local animal shelter, cancer research, beautifying a local park—and ask guests to donate to that cause instead of buying you a more traditional wedding gift. If you don’t think your guests will be sold on simply cutting a check, ask guests to buy items that you will mail to the troops or donate to a local shelter after the wedding. Think about signing up with I Do Foundation to make charity part of your wedding day.

Travel Registry

Perfect for: The couple that has lots of wanderlust and not much cash.

Is budgeting for a honeymoon taking some of the romance out of it? There are now many websites dedicated to allowing you and your honey to collect money toward your post-nuptial trip. Instead of noting for guests what store you are registered at, simply direct them to your page, where they can gift you money toward the trip of your choice. You could also ask guests for simple travel items like public transportation cards, gift certificates to restaurants in your honeymoon locale (many restaurants have gift certificates available for purchase on their website), or a good-quality digital camera. Make sure you check out Traveler’s Joy for the best in travel registry.Travelers Joy Registry


Day-Of Registry

Perfect for: Laid-back couples looking to have a low budget wedding

If you and your partner are struggling to pull off a wedding, why not defray some of the financial burden and ask guests to help with the ceremony instead of bringing a gift? With your guidance, guests could elect to buy a case of wine, bring a dessert for the reception, pay the tip for the caterer, hire the band, get their photographer friend to capture the ceremony free-of-charge, or volunteer to be on the clean-up crew after the wedding or the following day. If you and your spouse have a group of friends who are willing to pitch in and don’t need to be served on gold-platters, this is   the perfect way to lower the cost of your wedding and avoid being broke after the ceremony. One way to create this type of registry is to sign up with Upon Our Star which lets you create a list of wishes – you can ask for anything you might think of including wedding related items.

Upon Our Star

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