4 Home Upgrades for Every Newlywed Couple

4 Home Upgrades for Every Newlywed Couple

There’s nothing more rewarding than the calm after the storm. When the hectic wedding events and honeymoon wrap up, we’re guessing there’s no place you and your spouse would rather be than relaxing at home and relishing in the start of your new life together. Let’s be honest—the last thing you want to take on after a wedding whirlwind is a home improvement project. By using a gift card to manage the budget, your home can also start a new chapter with much-needed improvements and half the fuss. From simply upgrading to a double vanity to creating new guest quarters for visiting loved ones, here are four improvements to consider when settling in as a newlywed couple.

1. Double Vanity

 4 Home Upgrades for Every Newlywed Couple

Two people sharing one sink? Newlywed status calls for a double vanity! It’s an inexpensive upgrade that can increase efficiency twofold with dual sinks, dual mirrors and dual cabinets. It also doubles the amount of storage available in your master bath, allowing both parties to settle in comfortably with their own side of the vanity.

2. Guest Quarters

 4 Home Upgrades for Every Newlywed Couple

A combined household means twice the amount of visiting friends and family. If you have an extra room to spare, outfit it with upgraded linens, accent furniture and a few hand-picked accessories that show off both you and your partner’s style. Not only will this make a cozy and inviting guest quarter for incoming family and friends, but you’ll also have a retreat in your own home.

No need to be extravagant—a handful of accent pillows in varying patterns and textures will pair beautifully with a snuggly cable-knit or wool throw and silky linens for a resort-like retreat. We love guest rooms that stray away from matchy-matchy furniture sets, so snag that funky side table you’ve been eyeing for ages and couple it with a few accessories from both of your travels. Add a fresh potted plant or a calming candle and you’ve got yourself a sanctuary for both you and your guests!

3. Closet System

4 Home Upgrades for Every Newlywed Couple

 Organization is key when two households combine, especially when it comes to closet space and all our clothing. A closet system can work wonders when storage is limited, and we especially love utilizing them in master suites to maximize the most out of the space. Clean up your closet with storage bins for miscellaneous knick-knacks, keepsakes and seasonal clothing. Shoe racks tuck away dress shoes and adjustable shelving can be perfectly tailored to fit ski boots, pants, linens and everything in between. Make use of every inch of your closet so you can spend more time enjoying company rather than constantly decluttering your space.

4. Outdoor Patio Set

4 Home Upgrades for Every Newlywed Couple

 Here in California, we’re always biased towards outdoor living spaces. Investing in a quality patio set will let you and your partner enjoy your outdoor spaces during all four seasons. Well-crafted sets have been known to last over a decade. Choose one that is comfortable and timeless so you can enjoy those morning coffees together for years to come.

What other upgrades have you done or are planning to do at home?

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-1-41-47-pmKerrie Kelly is an interior designer based in Sacramento, California. Through her design firm, Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, Kerrie had advised many newlyweds who are setting up new households or adding upgrades to their space. She writes about her design expertise for Home Depot. For info on Home Depot gift cards that you might want to use for your registry, you can visit the company’s website.


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