4 Ways To Use A Canoe At Your Wedding

Ways To Use A Canoe At Your Wedding

There are a variety of great ways to use a canoe at your wedding and to help you get started we came up with a list of 4 of our favorite ways brides and grooms are working it into their big day. A canoe is a quintessential rustic symbol so why not add this classic camp style boat into your wedding day!

1. As Mode Of Transportation 

Nothing is more romantic than taking a little cruise on the water with your sweetheart. Post ceremony you and your new spouse can take a ride and even grab a few pictures. If you are lucky enough you might even be able to arrive to your reception by canoe!

2. As A Unique Drink Display

Getting creative and making a canoe part of your decorations is one thing but getting it to take on a important role like being the beverage center is just brilliant. Fill your metal or wood canoes with ice and fill with your favorite drinks and start celebrating.

3. As A Floral Display

Flowers play such an important role in a wedding and I love it when brides and rustic wedding florist think outside the box. This hanging canoe became an instant sensation with the help of some perfectly placed florals.

4. As A Picture Backdrop

Getting the best pictures at wedding day is a pretty important mission. Make use of canoes that might be in their “natural setting” and use them for the perfect colorful picture backdrop.

Creative Ways To Use A Canoe At Your Wedding

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