5 Ways to Keep Young’uns Entertained at Weddings

Kids At Weddings

We have a new addition to the Rustic Wedding Chic writing staff, I would like to introduce you all to the amazing creative team of Kerry, Erin & Jillian, the women behind the knockout event planning business, Rambling House Events. In the upcoming months these three lovely ladies are going to write and share their thoughts on everything from planning a country wedding to DIY projects and beyond. In this first article the team of Rambling House Events is going to tackle the issue of 5 Ways to Keep Young’uns Entertained at Weddings.

Country Wedding Flower Girl See more from this real wedding / credit: Harper Point Photography 

1. Involve them!

If you want kids to keep busy, have fun, and stay out of trouble on your big day, involve them. Kids love nothing more than to feel important and helpful. Remind your ring bearer and flower girl how much their participation means and try to make the rehearsal and ceremony feel like a fun game. One of our favorite wedding memories is of each child at a reception being given bubbles to use during the first dance. It was reception gold—it was cheap and pretty, the kids were kept distracted and made to feel helpful, and the situation provided wonderful photos!

Flower Girl  See more from this real wedding / credit: Krista Lee Photography 

2.  Give them kid-appropriate favors!

What kid doesn’t like gifts? That said, what’s a kid really going to do with a packet of seeds with a pun printed on the envelope? Provide the little ones with baggies of loot like crayons, little notebooks, favor-sized bubbles, and stickers. Not only will they get to take some exciting stuff home, but such items will keep chillenz happily distracted during a long reception!

Kids Playing At Wedding See more from this real wedding / credit: AJH Photography 

3. Keep the dance floor friendly!

I’ve never seen a circle form faster or with more laughter than when a small child is breaking it down in the middle of the dance floor. Keeping things kid friendly means more than just avoiding the senior prom style grinding: be sure to involve children in the dances and show your appreciation for their ability to cut a rug without shame! Consider the kids when hiring a band or a DJ and ask what they might do to keep them involved whilst not forgetting about the adults.

Kids Dancing At Wedding credit: Alex de Dios

4. Feed them well… by kiddy standards!

Kids don’t care that you’re serving duck confit and foie gras on your big day—your little guests really want something they can pronounce, and preferably with ketchup. Think about offering options that the kids will enjoy as well, or provide a separate meal for the kids: they’ll be happy and it will be easier on your wallet! We love the current trend of fun dessert bars at receptions, and from s’mores stations to make-your-own-sundae spreads, these are great options to keep the kiddies utterly enthralled.

Kid Friendly Food AT Wedding credit: Alex de Dios

5. Provide a kid “center!”

An obvious benefit of inviting children to share in your special day is that their parents don’t have to find babysitters. A drawback? Parents feel like they need to keep a constant eye on their precious peanut. Why not help out your guests and make up a kid’s corner? Set up some play tables and chairs, and provide some board games, coloring supplies, chalk and chalkboards, wiki sticks or play dough. Giving them an area that is kid-friendly and easily viewed provides a space that can be periodically checked in on or joined by those adults who could do with a little coloring themselves—the best of both worlds.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have some coloring to attend to…

Rambling House EventsRambling House – Rambling House is an event and food design company that specializes in personalized event décor and unique culinary products with a local focus. A traditional Irish “Rambling House” is a family home where locals gather to share in good conversation, storytelling, and song and dance. We strive to bring that spirit of community, tradition, and celebration together with each personal touch we add to your event, from handmade décor to our quality dishes produced from local food sources. Above all, our mission is to make your family and friends feel right at home. Visit Rambling House Events on Facebook.




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