How to create an outdoor wedding indoors

This wedding really has a style all its own! This wonderful wedding is an indoor wedding with the charm of an outdoor wedding… yes, this indoor wedding has a cool and relaxed feel that you would expect to see at an outdoor wedding with the perk of not having to worry about the weather! This wedding really is beautiful and if you would like to have a wedding with this type of style here are my tips to make it happen.

1. Find a blank canvas type of location, like an empty loft or open space so that you can create the look  you want with a little hard work and creative inspiration.

2. Lighting is critical- When going for this type of wedding make sure you take into account the lighting. You can see that at this wedding they have outdoor string lights which add a dramatic feel.

3. Don’t be afraid to bring the outside elements in. Large trees, plants or other natural elements can be brought inside to make a blank space look and feel like a small intimate wedding venue.

(Photo Credit: Todd Pellowe)

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