Something Old: Antiquing for a Unique Wedding

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There are many innovative ideas on how to put together a beautiful wedding, but in a world of Pinterest trends, online tutorials, and endless wedding forums, uniqueness seems to fall by the wayside. There are still ways to create a one-of-a-kind event, however, and it all lies in finding one-of-a-kind items. Incorporating antiques and thrifted collectables into your decor can be a great way to create a matchless event. Here are some tips on how to create a one-of-a-kind wedding style by using antique pieces with unique character, while not breaking the bank:


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1. Make it an Experience

How about creating your own antiques road-show? Map out the antique and collectable shops in your area and make a day of it. This allows you to keep your options open, review a wide range of collectables, and see a variety of possible prices. Plus, it’s guaranteed to be fun! Antiquing could be a great activity to plan with your bridesmaids, stopping along the way for a country lunch.

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2. Think Ahead, But Keep An Open Mind

Shop smart. Instead of buying antiques that are just going to end up in the attic or in your garage, look for items that you can incorporate into your new home or your new life with your partner. Can that antique typewriter be used again as a conversation piece or even a working writing tool? Could the vintage watering cans you are considering for centerpieces eventually find a home in your yard as garden planters? How about the 1940’s suitcase you plan to collect cards and gifts in? Why not use it in your next DIY home décor project? However, don’t go into an antique shopping day with too much of a plan in mind; you want to allow that special piece to surprise you.

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3. Be Thrifty

There is no harm in being a little frugal. Not all antiques are overpriced; it’s all a matter of sifting. Don’t settle for a “decent” price—more likely than not, you’ll find something cheaper. However, if your budget allows, don’t overlook that item that really pops out and sweeps you off your feet. If you keep coming back to it, chances are it will be a hit at the wedding and it will be something you’ll cherish long after the guests have gone.

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4. Consider Renting

If you foresee these antique props less on the coffee table at home and more stuffed into a closet with the rest of your junk—but still love the vintage aesthetic—consider renting. There are plenty of antique rental companies that lend unique pieces to antique lovers. You can rent anything from classic coke bottles and old mason jars to a chaise lounge or linen settees. These outlets and boutiques cater to all your temporary vestige desires.

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5. Miss-Match, But Stay Consistent

Not everything has to be matchy-matchy, as long as there is an overarching vintage theme. You could focus on a particular era and use different items from that time, or even focus on a particular theme and find different pieces from different eras (for example: a vintage literary theme could call for antique typewriters, retro scrabble boards, and classic dog-eared novels). However, keep in mind that there is certainly a line between stylishly old and chintzy. Work toward the former! Being old doesn’t necessarily mean something is worth the antiques price. “Old” sometimes simply means “old,” and we don’t want your guests feeling like they just stepped into your hoarder Great-Aunt May’s house. Be sure to ask plenty of questions about a piece of interest and do some research beforehand.

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An Extra Tip:

Ask your local antique shops to hold a Vintage Wedding Weekend or Bridal Showroom. Robin Egg Antiques, of Milford, NH, will hold theirs on February 16th – 17th. They invited their antique dealers to bring wedding-appropriate pieces, and even called in a few new faces. It’s a great way to encourage the community to highlight interesting wedding-appropriate pieces and share in the fun with other brides, and it’s an effective way to help your local shops garner some new customers.

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