Ask Maggie: Wedding Day Flats


RWC Reader: I am in love with the way that brides look when wearing flats on their wedding day. I think the idea of wearing heels would just not fit into my casual wedding day. I have been on the hunt for a cool pair of flats to wear on my wedding day that will add either a pop of color or make a tiny bit of a statement. Do you have any ideas on great looking flats?

I too am a big fan of the brides who decide to wear flats on their wedding day because lets face it, you should enjoy your wedding day and not put your feet through you know what. While you may think that all flats are created equal they really are not and so I suggest trying them on with your dress to make sure they bring the right look you are hoping for. Here are some ideas of great looking flats that I found over at ModCloth.


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All photos are courtesy of ModCloth

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    October 15, 2012 at 2:55 am

    I too am trying to make the decision of what type of wedding shoes to wear!! I definitely cannot do heels, so I am wearing either ballerina flats with bows or cowboy boots. I’m just having the hardest time deciding which to wear. I also want my shoes to be purple!! I found some cute options on! Now I just have to choose. 🙂

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