Backyard Rehearsal Dinner Table Setting 101

Backyard Dinner Table Setting 101

With all of the attention on the actual wedding day, side events like the Rehearsal Dinner can often fall by the wayside. However, a rehearsal dinner can be as memorable as the wedding, as it is a time to gather attentively with those people you are closest to. With the whirlwind of a wedding, you may feel as though you didn’t get to see much of those special people. Here are some simple ways to pay attention to the details of your rehearsal dinner:

The Surface:

The wedding tables are going to be all decked out in linens, centerpieces, and place settings, so don’t get too carried away with this table. Choose a simple canvas for your table setting, such as a wooden picnic table. Simple is better and, this way, your space won’t feel overwhelming. We used a hand-built wooden table from our greenhouse.

Table For Backyard Rehearsal Dinner

The Colors:

Choosing a neutral palate means you get to have more fun playing with color! Our table was for a springtime spread, so we chose to decorate with pops of spring colors—duck’s egg blue, coral, toasty orange, and a sun-kissed yellow!  To pull it all together, we painted mismatched chairs a beautiful duck’s egg blue, which gave an eclectic, yet cohesive, feel.


Don’t overload your table! We chose to make a table runner, instead of using a tablecloth, which can oftentimes take away from a simple, rustic look. We love exposed wood! We stacked our place settings to save space, and stuck with a minimalistic centerpiece.

The Centerpiece:

You can’t go wrong with flowers—they’re a fresh way to boast the season and add some color. We clustered up-cycled glass jars, which we decorated with scrapbook paper and washi-tape, and filled them with flowers which matched our color palate.

Table For Backyard Rehearsal Dinner



You don’t need to use solo-cups in order to designate drinks! Instead of going plastic, or permanently altering jars or glasses with chalkboard paint, try writing names on washi-tape strips. It’s decorative, comes in all sorts of colors and designs, and it’s easy to remove!  Pop in some retro paper straws to tie it all to your color theme!


The Setting:

Rehearsal dinners don’t have to be held at fancy restaurants or at an expensive outdoor venue – a yard with a forested backdrop or a deck overlooking the lawn or field can do the trick! Your natural surrounding can work as a whole other level of décor!

Table For Backyard Rehearsal Dinner


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