Behind the Design: Rustic Garden Invitation Suite by Nadine Warapen

Rustic Wedding Invitation

Nadine’s rustic garden wedding invitation suite won the Paperlust Rustic Design Competition earlier this year, with its beautiful mix of current trends: watercolor, hand lettering, illustration and kraft paper. We sat down with Nadine to find out what inspired such beautiful work! See all of Nadine’s work.


What sort of things inspire and influence you?

Rustic Wedding InvitationThis has always been a hard question to answer, because I am inspired by so many things and it mostly depends upon the projects I am working on. I am a very strategic and logical designer and rely a lot on research. My inspiration could come from observing people in their surroundings, reading a blog or by simply watching a movie. As a creative person, my mind is always processing ideas.


How did you get into design?

Being an artistic and creative child, I was always the art teachers pet. But I had never really thought I would end up with a career in design. Growing up in India, most kids grew up to be either doctors or engineers, but I could never see myself doing that. I took the leap to get my degree in design though no one ever understood what I did or simply understood how I would make a living being creative. I was lucky enough to have a supportive family who let me explore my talents. Today I can say with great pride that I love my job.

Rustic Wedding Invitation

What is your design process like? And specifically, what was the process like for creating that specific design?

My work is very research driven. Before I get into the specifics of any design, I dig deep into the basics of a concept and I leave the rest to intuition. I know that an idea is great, when it just clicks and I get a sense of certainty. Likewise when putting together this rustic wedding invite, my research led me to multiple ideas but I went with the one that excited me the most.

My late grandparents were my inspiration for this invite. I started my design with having their names along with their wedding date on my invite, and the rest just fell into place. Their lives started to connect in every way with the rustic garden theme. My grandfather loved his garden and would spend hours nurturing it, while my grandmother would so lovingly prepare a meal with the produce from their garden. If they were to get married today, I imagined it to be a rustic garden themed wedding.

Rustic Wedding Invitation

What does ‘rustic’ mean to you?

In a few words; Simple. Earthy. Unrefined.

Rustic Wedding Invitation
Why did you get involved with Paperlust and what do you like about it as a platform/system?

I moved to Melbourne last year, not knowing what to expect. As a designer, I was looking for ways and opportunities to get involved in the design community and thats when I stumbled upon Paperlust. I really appreciated the idea of encouraging and supporting independent creatives, and I am grateful to be a part of it.

Rustic Wedding Invitation


This was a guest post by Maddison Wallace from Paperlust Wedding Inivtations. Maddison is head of content at Paperlust. She is a communications professional, postgrad student, part-time librarian, and occasional wedding photographer. She loves words and drinking cups of tea.

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