Ask Maggie: Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts


RWC Reader: I am planning a beautiful wedding and my bridesmaids have been there every step of the way. I would like to buy each of my bridesmaids a piece of jewelry that they could wear on the wedding day and that would also serve as a great reminder of the fun we had planning my wedding. Do you have any suggestions for jewelry gifts that would be meaningful and beautiful without breaking the bank?

When I fist started the Ask Maggie section I never thought I would field as many questions on bridesmaid gifts and I receive. I really do understand the dilemma that the brides are feeling though, it is not easy to try to sum up your feelings for your bridesmaids and honor the support and love they have offered in one small little gift. If jewelry is something you are thinking about for your b’maids you might want to check out a really great company called Wimberly Inc. This company offers both stylish and meaningful pieces while keeping the prices within reason. Here are some suggestions that might be perfect for your amazing bridesmaids. You might want to also check out our bridesmaid gift guide and our gifts for bridesmaid section.

All styles & photos are courtesy of Wimberly Inc.

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