Department Store Wedding Shops

I receive a lot of emails from brides asking for help either looking for a suggestion on a wedding gown, bridesmaid dress, bridal shower outfit or mother of the bride dress and many times these brides tell me that they have looked at all the wedding dress shops within their area and to be honest I think they are hoping that I might have some sort of hidden secret that I can tell them about. Well it might not be a secret and maybe obvious to some of you but in reality many of you might not know that many of the major department stores have wedding departments both in store and online. Some are even interactive and you can create an account, share on your favorite social media and email to your bridal party. Yes, it is true, everyone from Macy’s to Bloomingdale’s has a wedding & bridal shop and many times because of their large inventory can offers both great styles and great savings. If these online shops have passed you by it could be due to the fact that they don’t exactly jump out at you on the stores websites in fact sometime you actually have to dig around a bit before you can find it. To help you out I did a quick little roundup for you of the department store wedding shops that I frequent online.

Macy’s – Wedding Shop

Neiman Marcus – Bridal Shop

Nordstroms – Wedding Suite

Bloomingdale’s – Wedding Shop

Lord & Taylor – The Wedding Shop


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