DIY Fall Leaf Place Setting

DIY Fall Leaf PlacematThis afternoon’s DIY project is as simple as it is beautiful to add color to your rustic fall wedding! We have seen fall leaf runners so we wanted to try something a bit more personal. We thought this could be a great idea for a small wedding or a sweetheart table, since it is a little time consuming! If you live somewhere where you have fall leaves, your an gather your own in the sizes and colors you want or you can find them during fall foliage season from sellers on Etsy! The leaves we used we purchased from Nature’s Pressed which is a great online leaf source with a revolving inventory. We found hot glue to be the best because it dries the quickest and doesn’t interfere with the leaves at all. It is helpful to lay out your design ahead of time so that you have an idea of what you are doing before you start to glue the leaves down! For the base we used a parchment round meant for baking but you could use paper lace doilies or circles of fabric instead!  We also love the idea of leaving personalized notes in the center of the mat for your guests to see when when the final course has been cleared. Happy arranging!


Step By Step : DIY Leaf Place Setting

What You’ll Need : Dried Autumn Leaves / Parchment Rounds / Hot Glue + Glue Gun

Step By Step : DIY Leaf Place Setting

1) Starting with the outside, lay out your accent sprigs on the edge.

Step By Step : DIY Leaf Place Setting

2) Glue sprigs down and then glue down leaves on edge of parchment.

Step By Step : DIY Leaf Place Setting

3) Starting on the new layer, use a different kind of leaf to create an inner circle.

Step By Step : DIY Leaf Place Setting

4) As you move through to the center, glue leaves down to a center point and place a final leaf in the center. You could also leave the center free and leave a handwritten note to your guest to see when their plate is cleared after the final course!

DIY Fall Leaf Placemat

 Photography : MCR PROJECTS

DIY Leaf Placemat

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