DIY Family Recipe Mason Jars

DIY Wedding Favors!Family Recipe Jars make for awesome rustic wedding favors!  For ours we pulled my family recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and included our secret ingredient at the bottom ( Shhhh!  It is hand-crushed marcona almonds!  )  Follow these easy instructions to some of your own!!


MAke your own recipe jar wedding favors!

What You’ll Need :
Family Recipe Ingredients  /  Written Copies of Recipe   /   Twine   /   Jars   /  Scissors

DIY Recipe Jar Wedding Favors

1) Meaure the capacity of the jars you are using. Adjust your recipe to fill the jars to the top.

DIY Recipe Jar Wedding Favors

2) Carefully add ingredients in the order of use.  Add carefully in layers so that they are visible from the side of the jar.

DIY Recipe Jar Wedding Favors

3. Fill jars to the very top, then cap them tightly and carefully.

DIY Recipe Jar Wedding Favors

4. Measure lengths of twine to wrap around jar.

DIY Recipe Jar Wedding Favors

5. Use twine to secure recipe to the top of the jar. Make sure the recipe is scaled for the ingredients you’ve provided!

Mason Jar Wedding Favor

Photographs : MCR PROJECTS

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