Simple Floating Flower Centerpiece Tutorial

Step By Step : DIY Floating Flower Centerpieces This is by far our simplest and easiest tutorial thus far but that is one of the reasons why we HAD to share it with you! We just love the effect that these small glass vases has in making what appear to be floating flowers on a table spread. Often with wedding decor, the simpler a solution, the more elegant the effect and in this case that is definitely true. If you are looking for a simple way to present flowers in a cost effective and still totally elegant way, this may be just the answer for you. We found these vases as the flower market, but similar ones can be bought in bulk online. We love these more rustic vases that could be used in the same way! As far as choosing flowers, we can’t think of anything that wouldn’t work with these vases. Though, the wider and flatter the blossom the better the effect which is why we went with these gorgeous pink rannuculus blossoms! That said, I would love to see this done with peonies or magnolias. Have fun!

What you’ll Need :  Small Glass Vases / Ferns / Ranunculus / Clippers

Step By Step : DIY Floating Flower Centerpieces Trim the fern so that you have a bare stem that is a few inches long.  This will keep in anchored in the vase.

Flower & Fern Wedding Centerpiece Tutorial

Trim the Ranunculus bud so that you have about two inches of stem beneath the base of the bud.

How to Make Floating flower Centerpeices

When you place it in the vase, the stem may go at an angle which is fine as long as the flower blossom is facing upright!

Floating Flower Centerpieces

Then, simple slide the stem of the fern into the vase beneath the blossom.  The blossom should hold the fern in place for the most part.

Floral Centerpiece Tutorial

If you want a fuller look, you can use multiple fern sprigs to fill out around the flower.  Floating Flower Centerpiece DIY

Fill the vase to the very top with water.  This will weigh down the vase so that it won’t blow away and will of course keep the flower fresh as well.  Be sure that the stem of the flower is immersed in the water.

Step By Step : DIY Floating Flower Centerpieces

From the top and side the flower will truly look as if it is floating above the table!  Its such  simple trick and yet it looks so beautiful as a table decoration.


Place around the table as you so choose!  This could be a great addition to a sweets table or a welcome table!

floating-bud-wedding-centerpieces-9 Step By Step : DIY Floating Flower Centerpieces

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