DIY Painted Vases

How to paint vases

Looking for the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor wedding or your backyard style wedding? I think this painted vase DIY tutorial is just the right project for a bride looking to add a little color to her wedding tables without having to spend a fortune  One of the things that I really love about this project is that you get a chance to “up-cycle” some glass bottles and make them into the perfect wedding centerpiece. This project is not only great for a country wedding but it is also perfect for the bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. Thanks to our friend over at La Chica De La Casa De Caramelo for sharing this idea with us today.

Materials: Recycled glass  bottles, Paint, Plastic syringe, Vase liner & Flowers

Step One: Gather a variety of vases. Choosing a variety of sizes and shapes will make the vases look more eclectic and interesting. Decide on a color pallet that you want to go with. This color pallet is has a sunset  tone theme going on.

Step one painted vase DIY

Step Two: Mix colors to get the desired tone. I used watercolors, but you can also use wall paint, if you prefer. Dilute the paint with a little water to flow into the bottle better (but not too much or not cover well), and absorb with a large plastic syringe (you can buy at any pharmacy).

Step 2 painted DIY vases

Step Three: Pour all the paint in the bottle with the aid of syringe. Larger bottles need between 80 and 100 ml. paint to cover comfortably.

Step 3 DIY

Step Four: Rotate the bottles in a circular motion so that the paint covers every area.

Step 4 DIY Project Painted Vases

Step Five: Once covered with the paint, let the bottles sit upside down for several hours so any excess paint can be drained. You can rest the bottles  in a sink or on absorbent paper.

Step 5 painted vases diy

Step Six:  After the bottles have drained and dried we clean the excess paint from the edge and let them dry completely (it took me a couple of days).

How to make a painted vase

Step Seven: Because we used a water based paint we don’t want to fill the vases with water for the flowers. Add a plastic vase liner to the vases before adding the flowers.

Painted Vases With Flowers


Painted Vases For WeddingPainted Vases For WeddingPainted Vases For Wedding
DIY Painted Vases
Images & DIY courtesy of La Chica De La Casa De Caramelo

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