Affordable DIY Vintage Wedding Centerpieces

I love introducing all of your Rustic Wedding Chic readers to people I love in the wedding world and today I am happy to showcase a great guest blog post by Mandy Forlenza who is the voice behind the lifestyle blog, Little Maison and a 14 year veteran of the event marketing and planning world. Look for more great post for our friend, Mandy coming soon!

Do-it-Yourself Centerpieces are the cornerstone of any Rustic Chic wedding. If you’re not naturally a crafty girl; the world of mason jars and milk glass can seem overwhelming. The first step is to identify an affordable and stylish foundation piece for your table décor with the help of this guide. Once you’ve settled on a look, start scouring local flea-markets, yard sales and online shops to start a collection. Don’t worry; we’ll work on adding the perfect flowers next time!

Mason Jars: Originally used for canning in the 1800s, this one time functional item has become the star of DIY centerpieces. The luminescent blue Ball Jar is the most recognizable Mason jar and coincidentally offers a subtle nod to something blue on the big day. Tip: Re-purpose the jars after the wedding as storage for craft supplies, make-up or even snacks. They’ll make you smile for years to come when in use. See our 5 best ways to use mason jars at your wedding post.

Tins: Guests will surely marvel at your re-purposing savvy and appreciation for an era long gone with terrifically tattered tins. Feature a group of small tins in varied heights that complement one another in color. Odd numbers work best in design, so stick to three or five tins per table. Tip: Tins are definitely the least expensive option for your foundation pieces, even less expensive if you mix in some newer tins donated by friends! Here is a great example of how tins were used at a wedding inspiration shoot.

Cake Pedestals: These beauties are not just for desserts anymore! Cake pedestals offer a unique way to showcase your favorite blooms elevated above the table’s surface. A few votive candles will complete the look and add an extra glow. Tip: White milk glass is a great neutral base for those who want the flowers to do the ”talking” in terms of color. Be brave, go bright & bold!

Candlestick Holders: If you are not partial to flowers, candles are an elegant way to decorate a table. Whether you select brass, ceramic or even wood, they are best displayed in odd numbers and different heights. To maintain continuity, use wax candle sticks that are all the same color. Tip: Put a frame-less mirror under the candle display for double the glow! Your guests will be illuminated in every photo.

Creamers: This petite centerpiece option is extremely easy to source and available in a bevy of styles from shabby chic florals to mod 70’s orange. Perfect for family style seated events or smaller guest tables, creamers offer just enough style without clogging up table space. Tip: Is your candlestick display looking a bit weak? Add a creamer with a touch of baby’s breath to each table.

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