Finding The Perfect Country Wedding Bouquet

It takes a million details to pull together a country chic or an elegant rustic wedding, picking your bridal bouquet is just one of those many details but an important one nonetheless. When going to your florist to plan your flowers it is always important to bring some inspiration to help guide their design. When thinking of having a country bouquet try to bring several different flowers together into your design, this can help achieve the idea of wildflowers yet presented in an elegant way. Here are some rustic country chic bouquets that make perfect and beautiful inspiration from Rebecca Shepherd Floral Designs.


Sunflowers often can look the part when planning a country affair but don’t cast this flower out if you are planning a more modern or urban wedding- often times the yellow adds the perfect amount of pop to your day.

Talk about the perfect amount of pop – the blue in this arrangement is stunning and contrast the other flowers effortlessly.

If you planning a fall wedding this bouquet maybe the perfect one for this upcoming season.

Look how the lace is added to enrich the detail in this bouquet – I love this idea!

This maybe my new favorite arrangement to offer as a suggestion to brides when they email me for flower advice.

Credits: Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design

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