Our Favorite Hand Sewn Wedding Details

Our Favorite Hand Sewn Wedding Details

The personal touches at weddings always take the cake as the most memorable and most special. We have seen so many great touches in the real weddings here on the blog that we wanted to pull some of our favorites together for your inspiration! See for yourselves how touching all of the hand sewn details are. Some of the best were the simplest things that anyone could do even without master sewing skills. We think you’ll be just as blown away as we were!


Our Favorite Hand Made Wedding Touches

1.  A Surprise for the Groom :  This is one of our all time favorites.  We love what it says, we love that it was a surprise, and we love how crudely it’s been stitched to the grooms tie!  It just goes to show you don’t have to be a master seamstress to pull of a totally sweet and beautiful hand sewn touch to your wedding.

Our Favorite Hand Made Wedding Touches

2.  A Sweet Handmade Banner :  This banner is another one of our favorites because we love the sentiment not to mention it is visually stunning!  Between the color and the clear handiwork, there is something just so genuine about it.  We are sure this made everyone at this wedding smile when they saw it!

A tiny stitched blue heart :  This isty-bitsy detail really went a long way with us.  Due to it’s bright hue, just a glimpe of this little blue heart sent us swooning!   Sewn into the hem of the brides gown, this is exactly the kind of personal touch that she will never forget when she thinks back about her wedding day.

Hand Sewn Cake Topper : We loved this cake topper when we saw it!  The handiwork is so pretty and adds a beautiful rustic touch to the cake.  We also love that it has been strung up on two little sprigs of branches.

Blue Fabric Heart :  We also loved this version of the blue heart on the brides hem!  This one, made of hand-cut fabric gives a totally different vibe than the other one but has just as much sweetness and surprise.

Handmade Bunting :  This bunting from a rustic wedding in South Africa caught our eye with its rustic charm and color festivity!  Hand cut and hand sewn from various fabrics, this bunting is a perfect way to give your wedding a handmade feel on a low budget ( and a low skill set too!)  In our opinion, the rougher it is the prettier!

Handwritten Handkerchief Note :  This bride hand wrote a note to her mother on her handkerchief!  We love the personal touch and the purple ink that coincides with her wedding colors!  This is something we are sure her mother will truly cherish forever!

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