Get The Look : Backyard Wedding

Get The Look : Backyard WeddingWhen planning a backyard wedding you want people to feel at home in all the right ways, while at the same time, you also want them to feel like honored guests! Chances are, if you are choosing a backyard venue, you are looking to tone things down a bit! A copper fire pit makes for a beautiful focus of a gathering offering both beauty and warmth. Surround it with communal seating and piles of yummy plaid blankets for everyone to wrap up in and you’ve got yourself a great party. A leafy crown is a stunning option for a backyard bride, placing her amidst the greenery, and the right plaid tie could make just the right statement for the groom. The casual nature of backyard weddings also open up the bride’s options to include short dresses, like this beautifully breezy one below. Thermoses of beverages, hot and/or cold could be distributed to tables & guests if you want to avoid a traditional bar set up!   And if you’re looking for a fancy way to stay casual for a small party, you could opt for something like these porcelain paper plates that are beautifully handcrafted, yet give tables the look of traditional paper plates.

1  Leafy Hair Wreath
2 Plaid Blankets for guests
3  Classic Thermoses
4  Casual White Slip Dress
5  Picnic Inspired Plates
6 Family Style Bench Seating
7 Painted Planters
8 Plaid Tie
9  Copper Fire Pit


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