How to Style Hanging Floral Vases

The Perfect Hanging Floral VaseWhen we found these simple hanging glass vases we knew we had to show our readers! They are so easy to work with and make for a beautiful addition to your wedding decor. They are also very customizable to your theme. We went with a neutral white and cream palate but your choice of flowers and ribbon could tie them into any wedding style or theme. If you wanted to make them more vintage, you could use lace ribbon. Say you have a navy & blush tone wedding you could use navy satin ribbon with a variety of blush florals.  On a budget? Fill them with baby’s breath for a stunning and elegant effect! We found ours at the flower market in LA but these glass vases look similar to ours!

What You’ll Need : Clippers / Hangable Vases / Ribbon / Scissors / Assorted Flower Stems

Glass Vase Wedding Florals

First, cut lengths of ribbon long enough to hang each vase. Estimate how high the flower stems will come out of the vase and how far you want them to be from the hanging point. If you are unsure, leave extra length. Feed the ends of the ribbon through the holes in the sides of the vase taking care not to twist or tangle the ribbon.  You want the ends to come out the sides of the vase, and the hanging loop to come up through the inside of the vase.


Then, single knot the ribbon ends loosely at the point where it touches the glass. If you do not think that the knot will hold you may glue it or use a double knot instead.

The Perfect Hanging Wedding Vase

Knot both sides the same way, leaving the same length of ribbon  on either side.

DIY Glass Vase Tutorial

Now you will want to trim the extra greenery from the base of the flower stems you are working with as not to crown the slim vase with leaves. Leave some at the top, because you don’t want all of the stems to be bare.

hangingglass vase tutorial

Arrange the stems in the vases to your liking. Try to create a variety of combinations from vase to vase. If you are working with three or more types of flowers, mix and match so that no vase contains all kinds of flowers. You may find that you need to cut away some extra greenery to create space for the blossoms.

hanging glass vase wedding diy

Once they are composed as you would like them to be, try hanging them in place to see how they balance! Once they are in place, you can trim off the excess ribbon if there is any!

Minimalist Glass Vases

Allow some flowers to drape over the sides if they naturally bend like these. This adds to the delicacy of the arrangements.

How to Style Glass Vases

DIY Hanging Glass Vases

Once you know they are ready to go, fill the vases with water and hang in their places!

Hanging Glass Vase Tutorial

The vases can be used to occupy blank space on a wall, from tree branches, barn door entry ways or in windows!  The possibilities are endless with these simple vases!

How to Style Glass Vases for your Wedding Hanging Glass Vase Wedding Decor

Photography : MCR PROJECTS

Step By Step :

the perfect hanging floral vase step by step

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