How To Add More You to Your Wedding

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 How To Add More You to Your Wedding


Weddings are so much more than the simple union between you and your fiancé; the event involves your family, friends, culture, religion, ethnic heritage, the constraints of your budget, and so much more. Amidst catering to your aunt’s shellfish allergy, your best friend’s aversion to the color yellow, and your mother-in-laws insistence that you must get married in a church, don’t forget about you! At the end of the day, your wedding should be a celebration of your unique and wonderful relationship. Here are a few ways to add some personal touches to your big day:

Country Chic Wedding

Country Rustic Wedding


Food: Your first instinct may be to find a fancy hotel offering a five course tasting menu for your wedding, but before you go for beef tartar and gold cutlery, take a step back: is that really the food that you and your spouse-to-be love to enjoy together? Is there a flatbread restaurant that’s your favorite spot for date night? Do you love getting lunch on Saturdays at a food truck with amazing tacos? Did you meet at the local pub or diner? Consider these tasty, personal alternatives to more traditional wedding fare. You’ll be serving your guests food that you know and love, and it will add an individual flare to your wedding that further identifies your relationship and life together.

Country Food WeddingCountry Wedding


Music: DJs are of course a great choice for weddings, as they can get a crowd dancing and will MC parts of the reception. Remember, though, that there are other options, especially if you or your spouse is a big music lover. Do you know a great local band that you wish got more recognition? Do you have a neighbor who is amazing at the guitar? Have a friend play the piano as you walk down the aisle, or have your favorite local band play during cocktail hour and dinner, then switch to a DJ when it’s time to shred some parquet. Having live performers that are significant to you and your partner will make the evening much more special and memorable; even if you don’t involve these performers for the entire night, their presence will greatly personalize your event.

Country Music For WeddingDancing At Country WeddingDancing At Country Wedding Dancing At Country Wedding

Tables: Think outside the box! Do you and your fiancé love to doodle? Use butcher paper instead of linens on the tables and supply your guests with crayons. Are you not a fan of flowers? Frame funny photos of you and your spouse together or as kids and use those as the centerpiece. Instead of simply numbering the tables, name them after landmarks you and your fiancé stopped at on your last road trip. Table décor lends itself to a million different ways to make your wedding more about who you are as a couple—go for it!

Rustic Country WeddingCountry Wedding Tables

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