How To Choose A Wedding Photographer

The ask Maggie feature on Rustic Wedding ChicEvery bride needs a little help when it comes to planning their rustic wedding. We have a very popular feature here at Rustic Wedding Chic called Ask Maggie where we encourage our readers to send in their questions when searching for a little advice or inspiration. We thought we would share the latest one with you today!

Rustic Wedding Chic Reader: When choosing a photographer what are the five most important things to consider?

Maggie Lord the editor of Rustic Wedding ChicMaggie’s Response: Choosing a wedding photographer is a very important step in the wedding planning process. After all, when the day is done the photographs & memories are what you will have left. Here is what I think are the five most important things to consider.

1. Photographic Style- There are many different photographic styles out there and it is important to know what you like and want — and what style your photographer prefers. Most of the time if you ask the photographer what style they shoot in, they can tell you in one to two sentences.

2. Price- Know what you can afford and make sure to find a photographer who knows your budget and can stick to it while at the same time providing you with the services you want.

3. Previous Work- Look at your prospective photographers portfolio and the recent weddings they have shot, this will give you a great idea of what your wedding pictures will look like. If you can put some feelers out to friends who have recently gotten married it might help in finding the right photographer, getting a recommendation goes a long way.

4. Experience- Make sure you really pick a wedding photographer. As tempting as it may be to just pick a photographer you need to have someone who is used to shooting a wedding and will be able to get all of the important aspects. For example a good wedding photographer will not miss the details of tables decor, wedding cake or place card table where a non-wedding photographer may not know to shoot these.

5. Terms of the contract- It is really important to make sure you understand 100% what the contract states between you and the photographer. What does he have to deliver? And as important, what are your responsibilities? Will you own the rights to your pictures? Does the photographer have the right to do what they please with your photos? Meaning a photographer may want to use your pics as part of an advertisement, use on their blog or submit them to a wedding blog- make sure you know where your pics will go after the day is over. Typically how long does it take before he has images are available for you to view. I could go on but you get the picture, the photographer is a vital part of the wedding, make sure you know what you are getting!

For more great info about getting the right pictures, see our interview with Amanda from Orchard Cove Photography.

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