Signature Drinks For Your Wedding Or Shower

Signature wedding drinks

Today we have some tasty drink ideas for you thanks to one of our readers, Michelle who came up with 4 signature drinks for your wedding or shower. The choice of wedding drinks can be color coordinated to match the rest of the event. A non-alcoholic cranberry or peach iced tea is an invigorating delight that gives an ample opportunity for customization. When it comes to alcoholic drinks, quick and easy cocktails can be made using fruit garnishes, miniature umbrellas and even colored sugar. No matter what, personalization and mood-building is the key to dazzling guests with the perfect wedding. By the end of the event, guests should have a distinct sense of the character possessed by the bride and groom and get the sense of being special when they’re treated to signature cocktails designed for the big day.

Blue Bird Martini

Recently, I stumbled upon a great cocktail recipe while attending a Syracuse wedding at the Turning Stone Resort. Known for their extravagant amenities, the experts at the resort have an exclusive signature drink menu for large events. The O-Cosmo martini, as it is called, features a sweet, citrusy flavor and made a great treat for guests. This signature cocktail gives a twist on the traditional cosmopolitan.

O Cosmo Drink

The event will be a bigger hit with more of these unique elements. If signature cocktails are planned to be a part of the wedding, the bride and groom should be sure to post a sign that announces the beverages to guests. Small touches like this are what set the best celebrations apart from others. Depending on how the sign is made, brides and grooms can really put their own personalities into it for all to see. When planning a wedding, personalization is the key to giving guests an experience they’ll always remember. You can make your event legendary if you approach it the right way. With signature cocktails that show off your creative flair, you can count on a truly magical wedding.

Princess MartiniOrange Sunrise Drink


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