How to Make a Springtime Wedding Swag

 Springtime Wedding Swag TutorialIf you are planning an early spring wedding, you will have all kinds of great greenery to choose from because everything will be budding and blooming! We found these kumquat branches at the flower market and knew we had to use them! So here you have a springtime wedding swag that we made just for you! These types of arrangements can be great for ceremony backdrops, to hang above entryways or use to adorn interior or exterior barn walls. You could also design one to decorate the front of your sweetheart table. Since you are designing it yourself you can make it the perfect size to fit a hearth, doorway or table depending on how far you want to build out the side branches. One of the best things about these is that you can use florals that you otherwise might not like these awesome kumquat branches! Happy building!


What We Used :  Amaranths / Flowering Eucalyptus / Kumquat Branches / Purple Limonium / Floral Wire / Floral Tape / Shears / White Ribbon

Spring Flower Arrangement Tutorial

First, cross the stems of the Amaranths and secure with wire.  Leave a small open space between where the spires will fall down.
Spring Flower Arrangement Tutorial

Next, build out from the center, adding stems to either side and securing with wire as you go.  You may want to use some floral tape too to keep stray stems from poking up.  The more secure the better.  It is ok if some of the wires show as you will be covering up the base in a later step.

How to Make a Springtime Swag

Step back and see how the arrangement is balanced. Add and takeaway until both sides feel even.  You may want to hold it up to see how the spires fall naturally. How to Make a Springtime Swag

Next, add in your kumquat branches.  Secure the branches with wire first to one another, and then attach them to the back of the base.  Make sure they are secure as they can be heavy.

How to Make a Springtime Swag

Once the kumquats are secure, add in the purple filler to the open spaces by slipping the stems under the wires or adding additional wires.

Spring Flower Arrangement Tutorial

Then, taking your flowering branches, lay them over the base so that they cross and the center. Arrange them so that you cannot see the wires on the base and it feels like a lush archway. If you want to angle them down on either side to create and arch, you may or if you want a straight base for a table or a heath keep them straight.

spring greenery wedding swag-7

Next, using some small pieces of the flooring branches and the purple filler, creat a small swag on the side that will be the front piece.  Make it large enough to cover the kumquat stems but no so long that it will cover up the fruit.

How to Make a Springtime Swag

Secure the smaller swag to the front of the base and stand back to asses the symmetry of your arrangement.

How to Make a Springtime Swag

Once it feels right, try hanging it on a wall.  Once you see how it falls you may want to make some changes, clippings or additions to make it feel balanced.

spring greenery wedding swag-10 At this point you may also want to add some ribbon.  We tied some simple white ribbon the the stems of the smaller front swag and turned the knot the face the back. How to Make a Springtime Swag

We left the ribbons hanging down to compliment the drooping spires.

 Springtime Wedding Swag Tutorial

Once you have it perfect hang it in your desired place using extra wire to create a strong loop on the back of the base.

 Springtime Wedding Swag Tutorial Photographs : MCR PROJECTS 

Step By Step:

 Springtime Wedding Swag Tutorial

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