Budget Tips: Saving On Wedding Day Hair & Makeup

Everyone planning a wedding has a budget and there are always places where you can skimp a little for a wedding without undermining the entire look and feel. Today in our series Budget Wedding Tips we tackle how you can save money on your wedding day hair and makeup. Creating the perfect look for your wedding day is clearly important for brides and often many brides will spend lots of time thinking about the exact hairstyle and makeup they want to go along with their big day. Need other budget wedding ideas? Head over to our Budget Weddings for real life examples of couples who brought their wedding day to life on a strict budget!


How to save money on wedding day hair and makeup

So many brides tell me that once they get started looking at wedding images they can’t stop and often times they end up with too many choices and too many ideas. If you are following us on Pinerest than you know you have your choice of millions of ideas right at your fingertips which can be a double edge sword. The best advice I can give is to have find a look that makes you feel like yourself and stick to it. Finding a look is a little more complicated than just picking out an image of a hairstyle — many beauty experts will ask you more in-depth questions so that they can fulfill your wedding day look and you should be prepared to answer them. Here are a few sample questions you might get from a beauty expert so you can be better prepared.

1. What is the overall style you are going for with your look?

2. What color theme are you thinking about for your lips, eyes, cheeks?

3. What sort of hair accessories will you be wearing?

4. Will you be wearing a veil, what type? 

5. How dramatic of an eye do you want?

6. Will you be touching up your own makeup or will the beauty team be there all day?

7. Will you be sporting one hairstyle or more than one throughout the wedding day?


How to save money on wedding day hair and makeup

If you are getting married locally and you can use a team that you are familiar with that is usually the best way to go. When you work with a team that you know you have the best chance of getting the look you want but just make sure that they are comfortable doing a wedding look. Many times you local hairdresser is not doing lots of wedding day looks so you will want to make sure they can produce the look you want. You have the best chance of getting a good price on your wedding day beauty by using a salon or team you already a customer of. Talk to the stylist and see if they can give you price cut since you have been a past and most likely future customer.

How to save money on wedding day hair and makeup

Many times brides want to get a full package from a beauty team which means nails, hair, makeup and anything else you can think of from one team. As convent as this might be it will not always help your budget. Start by making a list of beauty things you can do on your own which will help cut down on the overall cost. Below are a few beauty things you might be able to tackle yourself.

1. Get your nails done at a local drop-in nail salon 

2. Ask the bridesmaids to get their nails done before the wedding if they want.

3. Ask a bridesmaid or friend to do your makeup or hair (just make sure you practice)

4. Suggest to your bridesmaids a blow dry look over updos.

5. Take a lesson and do your own makeup on your wedding day.

How to save money on your wedding makeup and hair with ideas from leading wedding expert

How to save money on wedding day hair and makeup

When you communicate clearly with your beauty team you will be saving yourself lots of headaches later. Start by telling them where and who will need their services. Make sure it is clear to the beauty team what sort of services you want — will it be just for you, the bride or will you need all of your bridesmaid hair and makeup done. There is a major difference between one person needing the beauty team rather than 10 people so make sure you communicate exactly how many people will be needing the service and how many beauty experts they suggest you book for the day so that everyone is done on time. Below is a list of a few questions you might want to ask yourself before you start looking into booking a team…

1. How many people need the beauty service (bride, bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers etc)?

2. What services do we want (hair, makeup, nails etc…)?

3. Do I want onsite beauty or do I want to go to a location? 

4. What is the cost per service and person I am willing to pay?

5. How many weddings will the beauty team be booked for on the same day?

6. What is the cancellation policy?

7. Is there a free trail available for the bride’s makeup & hair?

8. Is there a charge for kids hair — flower girl?

9. How many beauty professionals does the beauty team suggest I book?

10. What sort of space do I need to provide if we are doing on location service?

How to save money on wedding day hair and makeup

You really can’t pick out a wedding day beauty team without getting the help, advice or reference from someone who has experience with the beauty team. Start by sending out a quick text or emails to friends who have recently been married and see who they used for their wedding day and after they give you all of their recommendations make sure to ask them what they liked or did not like about the team. If you are getting married outside of an area that you might have personal connections to you can start with a simple Yelp search which will give you tons of information on local beauty teams, salons and location beauty services. If you still need ideas for a beauty team call your venue and ask if they have any local recommendations and also make sure you ask both your planner if you are using one and your photographer. Many times the photographer will have lots of insight on who past brides have used and how happy they were with them.

How to save money on your wedding makeup and hair with ideas from leading wedding expert

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