7 Ways To Select Your Wedding Flowers

How To Select Wedding Flowers

Flowers play a huge role at a wedding, one might even argue they are the most important deign element at the event so you want to make sure you get it right. With so many different floral styles and ideas out there it might seem overwhelming as to where to start. Today I teamed up with my good friend, Maggie Carson Romano, founder and head stylist of the Los Angeles based floral company, The Bosky Dell to share how you can select the best wedding flowers.

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How To Select Wedding Flowers


1) Decide on the role you want flowers to play in your wedding

Some weddings showcase large wedding flower displays while some others have a more minimalist look – the first thing you need to do is decide what role you want flowers to play at your wedding. Are the flowers going to be a “major player” or are they simply going to be a small detail. There really is no right or wrong answer to this question, its all about how you see your wedding day.

Rustic Wedding BouquetWedding Flowers

2) Pick the color palate you want to work with

The wonderful world of color is your fingers when working with flowers but it can be very helpful to select a color palate you want to work with. Selecting a color base like green, white, red or blush tones can help to bring the floral look together. See all our rustic wedding color ideas.

Wedding FlowersWedding Flowers

3) Find examples of the overall aesthetic that you want for your flowers

Sharing the look that you like is an important way for you and your florist to end up on the same page. Head over to our Pinterest page and see our board on rustic wedding flowers for a full set of inspiration.

Wedding FlowersWedding Flowers

4) Ask your florist about seasonal availability of what will likely be in bloom on your wedding day – and choose back up choices!

It is always best and most cost effective to work with what flowers are in season. If your florist has to work with flowers out of season there might be a bigger price tag for those pieces.

Wedding Flowers

5) Decide on the floral elements you want – bouquets, crowns, centerpieces, garlands etc.

The part that flowers can play in your wedding is endless so you might want think about the specific pieces you want for your day. Most every bride will want a floral bouquet and bouquets for her bridesmaids but you also might want to floral chair garland, floral crowns or even flower cake topper.

Wedding FlowersWedding Flowers

6) Decide how much you want to spend

Creating a wedding budget is essential for having a successful wedding planning process. When you meet with a floral designer they will ask you about how much you want to spend on your wedding day flowers and it is better to have a budget in mind than guessing.

Wedding Flowers

7) Scale the floral elements to fit within your budget.

You can get even the most elaborate floral look on a budget – its all about scaling the florals to fit within your means. Work with your florist to create the look you want and make sure each arrangement is within your budget before signing on the line.

Wedding FlowersHow To Select The Perfect Wedding Flowers

All images and designs are courtesy of The Bosky Dell

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