How To Stay Relaxed Before Your Wedding

The ask Maggie feature on Rustic Wedding ChicEvery bride needs a little help when it comes to planning their rustic wedding. We have a very popular feature here at Rustic Wedding Chic called Ask Maggie where we encourage our readers to send in their questions when searching for a little advice or inspiration. We thought we would share the latest one with you today!

Rustic Wedding Chic Reader: I hear the last few days before the wedding is really stressful — any advice on how to stay calm in the last 48 hours or so before the wedding?

Maggie Lord the editor of Rustic Wedding ChicMaggie’s Response: Here are a few tips that are tried and true stress busters…

1. Yoga- Exercise is always a good stress reliever and yoga is one of the best. Doing a little yoga by yourself or with your girlfriends will help you clear you mind and breath.

2. Sneak out for a glass of wine with your guy- The wedding is really about you and your fiancé but with family, friends & guests around you might not get the chance to spend as much time with your soon-to-be husband as you would like. Make a time to meet without other people around and just take a few minutes to have a glass of wine, relax with each other and talk about the excitement of it all!

3. Take a walk alone- it may not be the easiest thing to do since it means finding some time to yourself but it is well worth it. It does not have to be a long walk — even a short one will do the trick. For me this little walk consisted of walking from my family’s summer house down to the pier and just relaxing…it really is only a matter of time before someone finds you and “needs” you for something so make the time and enjoy the (moments) of silence.

4. Rock Out- Compile a great soundtrack on your iPod — put on your headphone and tune out the rest of the world.

5. Enforce the 20-minute Rule- This is a personal favorite of mine and something I did in the days leading up to my wedding. You will be asked about a million and one questions, everything from “Where did you put the extra place cards?” to “Is there an iron I can use for my rehearsal dinner outfit?” and after a while it starts to take its toll. When you start to feel overwhelmed with questions, simple state “I am not taking any more questions for 20 minutes”. This will give you a chance to zone out and not think about anything else and will also send a friendly message to your family & friends that you need to a little break. I even went one step further and added the tag line “… but ask my mother, she can help you.”

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