How to Get Keira Knightly’s Wedding Style

How to Get Keira Knightly's Wedding StyleWe are so used to seeing huge over-the-top celebrity weddings that its super refreshing to see one of our favorite actresses making the headlines for keeping it simple!   Keira Knightly broke the mold with her wedding style and has been an inspiration to us all!  The recipe for her look is simple :  short feminine dress + cropped jacket + sunglasses + ballet flats + a delicate floral hair wreath.  Note: the look pairs well with a glowing smile and a handsome man on your arm!   Elegant execution a simple look all comes down to how you combine textures and details!  And anytime you are wearing a jacket with a dress, pay close attention to where the two waistlines fall and choose lines that fall together.  We have put a few different combinations together to further inspire you!



Keira Knightly Wedding Look |  Pink Keira Knightly Wedding Look | Gold Keira Knightly Wedding Look |  WhiteSources:  Ted Baker / Ray-Ban / Ferragamo / Zara / J.Crew / Etsy

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