Long Bridesmaid Dresses For A Rustic Wedding

Recently I have heard from a few brides who are looking for the perfect long bridesmaid dress for their rustic wedding. Long bridesmaid dresses sometimes can be a challenge to find since there does not seem to be as many of them as their are short ones. I was browsing at Bloomingdales and happen to find some dresses that are exactly bridesmaid dresses but would work perfectly as a bridesmaid dress at a rustic or country style wedding. The long dresses all seem to have a femininity about them which is what makes them so perfect for a wedding and seem to come in colors that would compliment a rustic style. Sometimes I think brides feel they have to pick short dresses if they are having a rustic or country wedding but that is simply not the case. I have seen some really amazing rustic and country weddings where the bridesmaid wear long dresses. I think rustic brides sometime feel that long dresses might be too formal for a rustic wedding but I was tell them that there is no such thing as too formal and the bride gets to set the tone for the wedding with the style elements article picks which includes the bridesmaid dresses!   If you are searching for a bridesmaid dress than you might enjoy our article on how to pick the best bridesmaid dress for all body types.credits – all photos & styles are courtesy of Bloomingdale’s wedding shop

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