How to Create A Minimalist Wedding Centerpiece

simple glass vase centerpiecesWhen we found these assorted glass vases we knew exactly what we wanted to do with them as a tutorial! This could be done with any mixed & matched glassware but these really inspired us with how delicate they were. Some of our favorite table decor from real weddings on the blog have been simple, using single flowers for a great effect. At this wedding, for example, they did something beautiful with similar vases using wildflowers. Also, once you decide on your vases and the flowers you are going to use (which we thought would be hard until we laid our eyes on these gorgeous sprigs at the flower market!) most of your work will be done!  In order to pull it off well though, you need to find the right balance of height and density to create a composition that walks the line between natural and intentional. Playing around with the combination soy height and direction of the sprigs until it looks just right is both fun and rewarding. You will know when it is perfect! Have fun!


What You’ll Need :  Assorted Glass Vases / Clippers / Flowers / Water

DIY Minimalist Wedding Tutorial

To start, select the sprigs of flowers that you are going to use. Lay them out to get a sense of balance. Every sprig is different so find ones that you think link healthy and will compliment one another.

The Best Minimalist Wedding Tutorial

Now, trim down the stems. Depending on the size of the mouth of your vase, you may need to clear off the leaves from the base of your stems so that the flowers slip into the vases easily.

Step By Step :  How to Arrange Minimalist Centerpieces

Test each sprig in it’s vase to get a sense of angle and balance.  Depending on how long the sprig is and the size of the vase, the angle of the sprig will change.

How to Arrange Minimalist Centerpieces

You will know when it looks right!

Minimalist Glass Centerpiece Tutorial

Now comes the time to arrange the vases.  You have options depending on what kind of table and space you are working with.  We love the look of lining them up in a random order of height.  This gives them a sense of natural randomness while giving the illusion of a delicate wall of flowers.

How to Arrange Glass Vases for Wedding Table Decor

You can also create a cluster of vases to emulate a bouquet.  This would be a great way to create centerpieces for tables that are colorful and elegant without having too much of a presence of cluttering up the table.

DIY Minimalist Centerpieces The delicacy of the flowers really comes through with these arrangements since each sprig is removed from context and the blossoms are free to be seen one by one. How to Style Glass Vases

This would also be a great solution for a welcome table or a sweets table or even to line the aisles at your ceremony!

Step By Step : Glass Vase Centerpieces


Photography : MCR PROJECTS


Step By Step :

How to Style Minimalist Vases

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