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Old Movie Wedding Dresses


Ever since I did the post on Grace Kelly’s white dress in To Catch A Thief  and how it makes for the perfect wedding gown I have received tons of emails from brides to be asking for suggestions of other old movies which have some good dresses that could be copied by either a wedding dress designer or seamstress. It just so happens that I love watching old movies and am totally obsessed with one of the greatest style icons ever, Grace Kelly. Here are my suggestions for wedding gowns from vintage movies that could be made into a beautiful wedding dress.


Grace Kelly’s Gown In High Society 

The soft skirt with the metallic embellishments is what makes this dress a winner in our eyes. I love the long sleeves yet with their sheer quality it adds some drama.

 Grace Kelly High Society

High Society Movie

Audrey Hepburn’s Dress In Sabrina

One of the all time classic love stories is the story of Sabrina. This gown might not be a traditional wedding gown with its black detail but if you are getting this made you can have these details done in white or ivory and then you have one amazing gown.

Sabrina Movie Dress

Audrey Hepburn’s Dress In My Fair Lady

This gown is fit for a royal affair and with the beading and the crystal elements to the dress no bride will feel less than a queen.

My Fair Lady Hepburn Dress

Grace Kelly’s Dress In Rear Window

Again, this dress might not immediately just out at you as a wedding gown given the fact that the top half is black but you can get this dress made in all white or if you are looking for a great way to mix and match have the top half of the dress done in a light blush color with an ivory skirt.

Rear Window Dress

Grace Kelly’s Gown In To Catch A Thief 

This was the dress that originally started all of the email request for other movie gown ideas. This dress is simple and classy and was recreated by the talent wedding dress designer, Veronica Sheaffer. See more about how to get this look.

Grace kelly Dress Grace Kelly To Catch A Thief

Audrey Hepburn’s Dress In Funny Face

Understated and classic, this ballerina style wedding gown has a beautiful high neckline and a tea length skirt.

Funny Face Wedding DressFunny Face Wedding Gown

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