Polka Dot Bridesmaid Dresses

The Polka Dot Bridesmaid Dress If you are a bride who just can’t decide on a color for your bridesmaid dresses then you might want to consider the polka dot dress option. A classic pattern for decades can defiantly work for a wedding when in a navy, black or white polka dot style and when paired with simple high heels this dress option is great for a summer wedding. The polka dot bridesmaid dress might have seemed a little unconventional just a few years ago but now with all of the unique bridesmaid options out there I think these dresses are just hitting their stride.

Polka Dot Dress For Bridesmaids

Fit & Flare Dress / Ralph Lauren Dress

Polka Dot Bridesmaid Dress

Sleeveless Dress / Belted Dress

All styles & images are courtesy of Nordstrom

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