Country Wedding – Rustic Country Weddings

Getting married in the country can be a very rustic chic type of wedding. Country weddings take shape and are often influenced by the nature that surrounds the area. When planning a country wedding try to find a location that speaks to what type of wedding you would like to have. Remember there are western country weddings, country chic weddings, old southern country weddings and more. Here you can view all of our featured real country weddings that act as the perfect inspiration for weddings in the country.

Bouquet With Brooch

Preppy Farm Wedding: Molly + Kyle

Night Farm Photos

Natural Wisconsin Farm Wedding : Lisa + David

Floral Wedding Cake

Red Color Themed Country Wedding: Stephanie + Aaron

Rustic Beach Wedding

North Carolina Rustic Wedding

Blush Tone Bridesmaid Dresses

Southern Elegant Country Wedding: Taylor + James

Best Wedding Entrance Ever!

Playful Texas Farm Wedding: Nicole + Andres

Country Rustic Bride

Beaver Creek Planation Georgia Wedding

Southern Style Wedding

Southern Winery Wedding: Liz + Drew

Vineyard Wedding

California Winery Wedding: Lindsay + Noah

Rustic Country Wedding Dress

Outdoor Country Wedding: Jenny + Trent

Farm Style Wedding Party

Colorful & Crafty Farm Wedding

Blue & Yellow Themed Wedding

Yellow Country Wedding: Ashley + Steve

Country Barn Wedding

Virginia Barn Wedding: Candace + Spencer

Country Farm Wedding

Tate Farms Wedding: Courtney + John

Country Wedding Ceremony

Elegant Ranch Wedding: Rachael + Jimmy

Country Farm Wedding

Country Chic Farm Wedding: Chris + Rod

Farm Barn Wedding

Family Farm Wedding: Lauren + Nathan

Southern Charm Wedding

Southern Charm Country Wedding

Rustic Country Wedding

Farm Wedding With Blue Color Theme

Farm Style Wedding

Elegant Farm Wedding: Amber + Jesse

Rustic Bride & Groom

California Country Wedding: Morgan + Jake

Colorful Wedding Bouquet

Colorful Farm Wedding: Sho + Rob

Outdoor Country Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Southern Farm Wedding: Elizabeth + Nick

Mountain Style Wedding

Jewish Rustic Wedding: Jennie + Morgan

Bride & Groom In Boat

Purple Themed Country Wedding

Rustic Elegant Wedding

Elegant Rustic Wedding: Stephanie + Jake

Southern Rustic Wedding Couple

Rustic Industrial Wedding: Karla + Sergio


Inspiration For A Red Themed Wedding

Vintage Chic Wedding Couple

Pink Themed Barn Wedding: Jessica + Corey

Country Barn Wedding

Country Canadian Wedding: Kim + Brian

Pick Up Truck At Wedding

N.C. Country Chic Wedding: Courtney + Dave

Country Rustic Wedding Tables

Vintage Backyard Wedding: Amberly + Bret

Blue & White Bridesmaid Dresses

Blue & Yellow Rustic Wedding: Emily + Jordan

Country Style Wedding Bridesmaids

Elegant Horse Farm Wedding: AJ + Randy

Farm Wedding

Family Farm Southern Wedding: Kate + Bradley

Michigan Schoolhouse Wedding

Michigan Schoolhouse Wedding: Pam + Matthew

Country Wedding

Country Chic Wedding: Jessi + Tony

Country Chic Wedding

South Carolina Farm Wedding: Meg + Robbie

Country Rustic Wedding

New Zealand Rustic Wedding: Angela + John