Rehearsal Dinner Dresses for the Bride-To-Be

rehearsal-dinner-dressesFor your rehearsal dinner, you want to wear something that makes you feel like the beautiful bride-to-be that you are!  And while you’re of course not limited to white, what color could make you feel more like the bride you are about to be!  You will want to be comfortable while gearing up for one of the biggest days of your life, but you also want to make a great first impression as you greet your friends and family.  Obviously this greatly depends on the theme and attire of your dinner, which is why I have pulled a wide range of options for inspiration.  And who says you have to stick to a dress?  The tom-boy in me loves this jumpsuit from J.Crew, which at first glance, tones it down with shorts, but on second glance, tones it right back up with sequins!  I also love this lace skirt below, especially paired with a flirty feathery tank.   These would all make for awesome choices as send-off dresses too!



Dresses for Your Rehearsal Dinner


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