Rustic Boutonniere DIY Tutorial

Boutonniere DIY

The Anatomy of a Rustic Boutonnière – Creating the perfect boutonniere is something that can be the perfect rustic wedding DIY project and is great to do when you are on a budget. Our friends at Rambling House Events came up with this great easy to follow step by step guide to help you build the perfect rustic boutonniere.

How to make a boutonniere

The Flower: While roses are a beautiful and classic symbol of romance, there is an array of understated flowers that fit perfectly into the rustic aesthetic. Hydrangeas are domestic flowers that are easy to find but still have enough color to pop. We think the periwinkle works perfectly with the flaxen wheat stalks.

How to make a boutonniere

The Rustic Filler: We used dried wheat stalks for a bucolic touch. These added a sense of height to the boutonnière while the hydrangeas added width and shape.

How to make a boutonniere

The Greenery: A boutonnière is going to feel naked without some green. Simply using the leaf of the hydrangea plant is the perfect way to tie the piece together.

How to make a boutonniere

The Floral Tape: Using green floral tape is the best way to tie the botanic ensemble together. Be sure to start at the nape of the flowers to keep them from drooping as the ceremony goes on. For extra security, wrap the boutonnière together with floral wire first, and then add the layers of floral tape.

How to make a boutonniere

The Lace Ribbon: The green floral tape shouldn’t be exposed and, for extra safety, could use a decorative layer to ensure it does not begin to peel away. Lace ribbon is a nice way to tie the groom’s boutonnière into the bride’s white wedding dress. It’s a simple touch. However, if your groom would like a more masculine look, try twine. With either of these choices, a bit of floral glue will hold it all together.

How to make a boutonniere

The Corsage Pin: The simplest way to attach the rustic boutonnières onto the groom’s suit is by using a corsage pin. They are durable enough to hold the piece tightly to his lapel. Find corsage pins with a pearly white head to keep with the simple theme.

How to make a boutonniere

**Boutonnières are best created in a cool climate. If possible, put these together in an air-conditioned space. For best results, make these the day of the wedding, and keep them refrigerated in the vegetable crisper.

How to make a boutonniere

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