Rustic Wedding Tips From The Pros

I am very excited to share with you an interview I did with Chelsea and Virginia from Bluebird Productions, a full- service event and marketing firm specializing in eco-friendly weddings & services based in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. My main goal with this interview was to give brides some insight into how to plan a rustic wedding, especially those of you who might not have access to a wedding planner. I love the “green” wedding tips along with their insights into the current trends in the wedding world.

What makes Aspen the ideal location for a rustic chic wedding?

Aspen is the epitome of rustic chic! The history of the Rocky Mountains is framed in this glamorous place. This is one of the only places where old silver miners still tell stories at the same bars they first told stories in while rubbing noses with the worlds wealthy mountain lovers. Everyone here shares a passion for the rustic history of this mountain town and the modern chic elements that surround it. Many Aspen couples look for a way to mix the rustic yet elegant sides of Aspen with the modern, chic elements, which is not hard to do.

When styling a rustic wedding do you have a few favorite decor ideas?

Bluebird Productions loves chalkboards and raw cotton. Chalkboards can be used in so many ways. They can be used to write your ceremony program on, used on buffet tables to outline the menu, used for table numbers, and used to direct guests to different locations. We also love to use raw cotton. Raw cotton is gorgeous and can be used in many unique ways. Raw cotton can be used for an elegant rustic wedding mixed with gorgeous flowers or grasses or it can be used for a rustic western theme all by itself.

With so many options out there for brides how do you suggest a bride really zero in on what type of day she wants to have?

One of our first questions when we speak to a couple looking for a planner is: What are the 3 most important things during your big day? Many times it ranges from: music, food, photos, decor, family, showing guests the real Aspen, etc. With so many options, it is very easy to get overwhelmed. A planner is the one person that will not have a biased opinion on what you should do for each little detail. We will help you focus your energy on the right goals at the right time instead of getting caught up in the details that will get your head spinning.

If a bride and groom are worried about the cost of their wedding what are some areas where they can cut cost?

Weddings can add up quickly especially when one cares about a theme and lots of decor. We have started to recommend that our brides and grooms eliminate the welcome bag from their budget. These gift bags can really add up. If you would like to give guest something, we recommend just a fun take away such as an emergency kit for the morning or a candy table at the reception, where guests can make their own candy bag to take home. The candy table can add color to the event and be a great accent piece. This is one other place to use a small chalkboard that states, “Love Is Sweet!”

How can a bride and groom “Green” their wedding?

When we set out to create Bluebird Productions, our biggest goal was to be a sustainable and eco-friendly company. From our day-to-day operations to each aspect of our largest events, we make every effort to practice environmentally friendly methods in our business. Knowing that the average wedding emits 63 tons of CO2, more than a single person emits in a full year, we do our best to tread lightly on the beautiful place we call home. So we focus on producing the “greenest” events possible. Even the most over-the-top events can be designed using sustainable products. Here are a few tips:

1. Purchase compostable materials
2. Look for local and organic food and flowers that do not have to travel far to arrive at your event. We also work with the caterer to limit the amount of extra food they order and to compost all their food waste when possible.
3. Skip the bubbles and other little goodies packaged in mini plastic bottles.
4. When hosting an event, especially a destination event, consider investing in carbon offset packages for each guest instead of a gift bag.
5. Choose to use reusable kegs instead of plastic or glass bottles. Also use reusable cutlery and flatware instead of plastic.
6. Use green alternatives to paper such as rice paper with soy ink.

What trends are you seeing in the wedding business lately?

Brides and grooms are really trying to use DIY (Do-It-Yourself) decorations in order to save some money. We are also seeing many smaller weddings that are much more intimate and budget conscious. We are also excited to say that we are seeing many more men being the first ones to reach out to a planner where it was normally the bride-to-be in the past.

What do you recommend for brides and grooms to relieve stress during the wedding planning process?

We really do recommend a planner in order to keep you on track and take care of the many details that cause a lot of stress to plan. We also recommend remembering what the big day is really about. It’s about marrying the one you love and celebrating with friends and family. So, don’t stress the small stuff. Make sure to enjoy your engagement time because it will fly by.

Credits – picture one: Robin Proctor / picture two: Tom Stillo / picture three: Maggie Carson Romano / picture four: Kmulhern Photography / Wedding Information: Bluebird Productions

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