Something Borrowed For Your Rustic Wedding

Since I recently showcased the tradition of something old, something new, and something blue, I of course wanted to finish it off with something borrowed!

This piece of the tradition naturally lends itself to borrowing a piece of jewelry –
your mother’s pearls, grandmother’s bracelet, aunt’s shoes and so on. But the great
thing is it doesn’t necessarily have to be used as part of your style.

Oftentimes brides choose to incorporate a meaningful trinket into the actual
ceremony or reception like an item from happily married friends or family, the idea
being that their happiness will transfer over to the new couple.

For instance, use a borrowed cake knife to make that first slice of your cake.

We also love the idea of borrowing the first dance song from your parents’ reception
or that of close friends or relatives. This is a really nice way to give a nod to a couple
whose relationship is particularly meaningful to you.

Another touching way to borrow from another couple is to use a reading, passage,
quote or letter in your ceremony that was used in their wedding.

Remember that you can also involve your partner, too. Dad’s cufflinks, a
grandfather’s pocket watch or a friend’s cufflinks are all great ways to borrow.

No matter how you choose to bring in this facet of the tradition it will no doubt add
special meaning and personality to your special day!

Sources – photo one: 31Bits / photo two: Glass Jar Photography / photo three: Brandon Malone Photography / photo four: Silver Sculptor

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