Trade In Your Bridesmaid Dress For A New Little Black Dress

Being a bridesmaid is fun but when the wedding is over you might be left with a dress that you will not be wearing again. Lets face it we have all heard the line “you can totally wear it again after the wedding”, which happens very rarely. If you find yourself in this age old predicament there is now something you can do about it. NewlyMaid is a unique way to exchange a bridesmaid dress after the wedding for a new little black dress that can be worn for any occasion.
 Here is how it works:

The great thing is that you get to pick from some of the best looking little black dresses around. Here are a sample of the styles that NewlyMaid offers.

Here is the best part of all of this… your dress will either be broken down and used to create new yarn which will be incorporated into the creation of future NewlyMaid styles or donated to charity! credits – all styles & photos are courtesy of NewlyMaid

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