Traditional Icelandic Wedding : Chris & Steindor

Icelandic Wedding

Chris & Steindor were married on a rare day of calm, warm sunshine on Iceland.  They met at Steindor’s father’s horse farm in Sweden where they discovered their shared love of Icelandic horses and Iceland and soon after fell in love ! Last September they arranged their destination wedding on Iceland, where weddings are called “Brudkaup” translates to  “buying the bride” dating back to a time when brides were actually sold. Chris and Steindor wanted to follow Icelandic traditions which include the bride arriving with her father on horseback and the groom arriving with his father on horseback, then the “brudkaup” is arranged during the ceremony and the bride and groom leave together. Steindor wouldn’t risk Chris being on a horse back at 7 months pregnant so he arranged a carriage for his bride and father instead.  The beautiful sweaters they are wearing are traditional Icelandic sweaters knitted by Steindor’s mother, and the dress Chris wore was sewn by her mother.  From the photographer : We saw Steindor and his dad coming from far, far away. From the other side, down a little hill, Chris and her dad appeared. A man played the trumpet and a woman sang a traditional Icelandic love song. When Chris and Steindor was about to say their vows, it suddenly struck us all. Sunrain!! And in the far east you could se Hekla (the volcano).  After the wedding we went to “Reykja Rettir” for the portrait session. That is an old arrangement for separating the sheep when taken down from the mountains in fall.  This wedding truly takes our breath away.  It is so refreshing to see such unique traditions captured so beautifully, and in such an atmospheric landscape!  Thank you to Jane (&) Haglund Photography for sharing these gorgeous images!

Icelandic WeddingIcelandic WeddingIcelandic Wedding

Icelandic Wedding Icelandic Wedding Icelandic Wedding iceland buggy bride groomIcelandic Wedding Icelandic Wedding iceland ceremony wood archIcelandic Wedding

Icelandic Wedding Icelandic Wedding Icelandic Wedding iceland wedding bride groom Icelandic Wedding

Sources: photographer: Jane (&) Haglund Photography / reception venue: Hestakrain

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