Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card Tutorial

How to make a will you be my bridesmaid card

Here’s a sweet way to ask your leading ladies the big question. Asking your friends and close relatives to be part of your wedding party is a significant moment so why not get crafty and do it with a country chic wedding DIY project. Follow the instructions (and accompanying video) and you’ll have pretty, handmade, and personalized cards for each bridesmaid! Over the past few years we have features bridesmaids from fashionable vintage weddings, rustic bridesmaids, country bridesmaidsbridesmaids in cowboy boots and my new favorite bridesmaids with sweaters.


Materials Needed:

  • Square Origami Paper (enough pieces for each bridesmaid). Consider using your bridesmaid colors, or a cute printed-paper.
  • A piece of good-quality, heavy paper or cardstock (one for each bridesmaid card)
  • Calligraphy pen, or writing implement of your choice (you can also create and print a sentiment on Photoshop if handwriting isn’t your thing)
  • Twine (optional)
  • Mini-Clothespins (optional)


1. Place the paper down, white side up. Fold it in half.

2. Open the paper. Fold each side to the center crease (when opened, the paper will be divided into quadrants). Be sure to crease well.

3. Open your paper, print/color side up. Fold each side-crease to the center crease. (If you are having trouble with this step, see the accompanying video. This step, when completed, is described as looking like a trough.

4. Leave this fold. Flip it over to the white side, and fold under half-way. There should be 1/3 of an inch (or the width of a fingertip) at the top.

5. Fold the shorter side down, another 1/3 inch from the crease you just made.

6. Flip it over. The bottom portion should be longer, and will be the skirt. The shorter portion will be on the top, and will become the bust of the dress.

7. Now, you want to open the pleats of the skirt—this step can be tricky. Pull the bottom left-hand corner until the fold is completely open at the bottom. Hold that corner up with one hand, and use the other hand to press a new crease from the top of the skirt to the bottom of the pleat. Repeat on the other side. (the bottom quadrants will be creased at an angle, creating flare in the skirt)

8. Fold the top inner corners down at right angles. (You should create two even right triangles in this step—see the video if this is difficult).

9. Unfold the two neckline creases and turn the dress over to the backside. Pull back on the newly created top layer of paper. This should create three triangles.

10. Fold the sides of the top of the dress to the corner of the neckline you just created. Don’t allow the side of the skirt to curl in. Crease the skirt edge at an angle and it will lay flat. Repeat on the other side.

11. To create sleeves take the two new flaps at the top of the dress and fold them back at an angle.

12. Turn the dress over, and there it is! Adhere the dress to the front of a handmade card, and ask the big question on the inside! Want to make it even more cute and rustic? String some twine to the top-front of the card (like a clothesline) and “hang” the dress with two mini-clothespins! It will be perfect for a backyard wedding style!

Will You be My Bridesmaid Card

Thanks to our friends at Rambling House for sharing this DIY with us today!

Rambling House EventsRambling House – Rambling House is an event and food design company that specializes in personalized event décor and unique culinary products with a local focus. A traditional Irish “Rambling House” is a family home where localsgather to share in good conversation, storytelling, and song and dance. We strive to bring that spirit of community, tradition, and celebration together with each personal touch we add to your event, from handmade décor to our quality dishes produced from local food sources. Above all, our mission is to make your family and friends feel right at home. Visit Rambling House Events on Facebook.
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