Vintage Garden Wedding : Colleen & Chad

White Fur Shrug for the BrideColleen & Chad planned their wedding so they they and their families had a hand in almost every single aspect, and as a result it came out exactly as they had hoped. They served beer from their family’s brewery with chili made using a coveted family recipe, to be followed by wedding pies made from scratch. From the bride : One of the best parts was definitely our first dance. Chad and I are both musicians, and a couple of years ago we recorded a cover of “God Only Knows” on Banjo and Mandolin, with each of us singing. We chose to dance to that, and it was just so ridiculously sweet. Chad’s and my first look was wonderful, and I’m so glad we chose to share that intimate moment before the whole event started. getting to take our pictures together, dance, talk, hang out, and calm each other’s hearts and nerves.  Just seeing the whole evening come together, and come to life, and happen after all the work, the worry, the prayers, the planning…was magical and dreamy. Just…dreamy. We just cant get enough of these images from Jeanie Francis Photography, in which their perfect day was captured, well, perfectly!


Playful Wedding FashionStarburst Earrings for the BrideBlush Wedding DressesWoven Shrug for the BrideSuspenders and Cardigans for Groomsmen Perfect Wedding Moment Vintage Groomsmen Style Fifties Style Groomsmen
Gorgeous & Unique BouquetsGreenhouse Ceremony Rustic Garden Accents for Weddings Rustic Retro Wedding VenueBride & Groom TogetherAn Adorable First Look for the Bride & Groom Bride & Groom Dancing in the StreetLove is in the air ! Wedding Garden Sweets Table The Happy Couple DIY Weeping Ribbon Wedding Garland A Perfect Ribbon Wand Send-Off

Sources : photographer:  Jeanie Francis Photography / caterer:  huntington catering &  Eagle Rock Brewery &  Marvimon House / cinema and video:  Flight Films / dress store:  David’s Bridal / transportation:  Jeffery Valet: venue:  Marvimon House

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