Beautiful Ways to Light Your Wedding

When it comes to lighting your wedding you have to figure out something that is perfect for your wedding venue.  Our favorite wedding lighting is when couples mix it up and add surprising elements! Lighting can be a way to emphasize certain parts of your venue that you want to draw attention to, like the ceiling of the barn or the tree branches above. It is also a way to conceal parts of your venue that you would rather people not see by lighting what it around it and casting the unwanted details into the shadows. Regardless – if your wedding reception draws into the evening  you will want to be sure that it as as beautiful as it was in the day if not even more so!  Here are some awesome lighting options for your big day from real weddings on the blog. We also pulled our favorite wedding wish lanterns while we were at it because we love them so much!


This couple who held their wedding at a summer camp showed off how great oversized sky lanterns can look when they released them into the air after dark.

Small Lights

Small white lights like the ones used here at this southern vintage style wedding show a romantic and dramatic type of lighting. I like how you can see the lights work in both the open tent as well as around the perimeter of of the venue space.

Like some of the other couples we have shown, this couple who had a rustic Illinois wedding let one large sky lantern go which makes for a great focal point and a great photograph.

This backyard wedding features string lights but with lantern mixed in. Perfect for a backyard affair this wedding lighting can be done DIY.

Adding lighting to a barn wedding venue is super important because it can help bring the wedding look to the rustic space. This California barn wedding shows how simple lighting can look best and add a hint of romance without overpowering the space.

Large string lights and medium sized lantern can work great when you have a larger space you need to fill. At this rustic vintage wedding these lights and lanterns were worked into the trees and were placed over the dance floor.

Adding the wedding look to a barn wedding location can be a challenge but this bride did it at her South Carolina barn wedding by adding lights and lanterns which also worked into her color theme.

A great final moment image at a wedding like this one from this outdoor southern rustic wedding shows the bride and groom letting a sky lantern go – this image proves that sky lanterns can work not only for an evening wedding but for a late day wedding as well.

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