Hot List of Ideas to Save Money on Your Wedding Photos

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Your wedding day is a wonderful one, a celebration of two people who have decided to unite as one love-powered force for a lifetime. Many memories are sure to be made on this day, but capturing all (or even most) of them can be a challenge. Below are some ideas you can use not only to capture many awesome photos, but also to save money in the process! With the wedding expenses and tasks at hand, these ideas will make the photography element of your wedding much smoother.

Idea #1: Use props to your advantage

Consider taking a photo where the groomsmen and bridesmaids release balloons all at once. Or you could use other props like an empty picture frame, mustaches, clown noses, and even wigs! While these props reveal a silly side to the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs., you can definitely include props that show more sophistication. You could sit on throne-like chairs worthy of a king and his queen.Wedding Photo Props

Idea #2: Strike a pose for those disposable cameras!

This is especially helpful for a wedding with hundreds of guests. You may not have a chance to pose with every person, but you can give every person a chance to snap sentimental shots. Try leaving disposable cameras at the reception tables. Your guests will capture moments that you would likely have missed—like that moment when Uncle Alby’s champagne shot through his nose because he laughed so hard.

Idea #3: Shop smart when choosing a photographer to hire

The most expensive photographer isn’t necessarily the best choice; reputation isn’t everything. Look closely at portfolios, even those of college photography students. In the spirit of choosing one’s true love, where they come from doesn’t really matter. What does matter is their ability and willingness to produce superior quality photos at an affordable price. (Click here for more tips on choosing a quality photographer.)

Idea #4: Book a photographer way in advance

Like prices of many other services, photography prices tend to increase with time. Lock in a cheaper price as soon as possible by booking your photographer early. In addition to saving money, doing so will save you a whole bunch of stress. Weddings require a seemingly endless list of preparations, so securing a photographer cuts one more item off the list.

Idea #5: If you hire a photographer, try to find one who can bring a photography intern along with him or her

Not only does the intern gain experience, but you will also have even more photos for your wedding album! Remember that interns are sometimes more likely to try creative, cutting edge angles. They’re trying to discover their photography style, and their versatile shots could make for a superb collection of photos.

Idea #6: Help your wallet (and the wallet of a friend) with referrals

See if you can receive a discount by referring your engaged friends to your photographer. You might also check with your recently married friends to see if you qualify for a discount because they referred you. Referrals are great because they help you, the photographer, and those being referred. You can help two couples save money and help one photographer by boosting business.

Idea #7: Trust a family member or close friend to be the photographer

One perk of inviting many people to the wedding is that someone likely has expertise to offer in photography. The more people you invite, the greater the chances of you finding someone to step up and snap photos for your wedding. You might even find someone who is willing to do the job as a wedding gift, which wouldn’t cost you anything!


Idea #8: Get creative with edits

Think Photoshop, filters, and cropping. In an unusual photo of the bride and groom, you can see the bride’s top half on the groom’s bottom half and vice versa. Maybe you didn’t have a chance to snap wedding photos at the beach or in a tropical rain forest—no worries! With a great editing job, you can go anywhere for your wedding.

Wedding Photography Ideas

Idea #9: Be a salesperson!

Some people are more willing to give out of the goodness of their hearts than others. Be convincing in your efforts to negotiate a good price. If you can do that, you will likely save at least a few dollars on photography. Find out more about negotiating prices at

Weddings take time and money to put together successfully. Photography can take a large chunk of that time and money, but planning wisely can help. Try to incorporate the talents and skills those who are close to you. Use some of these ideas to cut photography expenses without settling for poor quality. Your wedding should be an incredibly blessed day, and you’ll likely want to remember this day forever. Prepare to capture memories in a cost-effective way. If you do, your wallet (and the wallets of any other contributors) will shout “hooray!”

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