Wedding Popper DIY

Wedding Popper DIY

Looking to add a little handmade excitement to your wedding celebration? Check out these inexpensive and super-simple party poppers. Made with materials that you already have or can easily get, the colors and materials can easily switched up to suit any theme or color scheme. They’re a great way to add an extra festive touch to the event, or up the ante and turn Jordan almonds or M&Ms into memorable favors. Make sure you check out all of our country wedding DIY projects and rustic wedding do it yourself ideas.


Tissue paper, Scrapbooking paper, Tissue tube, Ribbon, Double stick tape, Scissors, Calligraphy pen or marker, Candy (or other small items to fill popper with)

Wedding Popper DIY

Step One – Unfold tissue paper. Cut one rectangle along the fold line. Wedding Popper DIY

Step Two – Place a piece of double stick tape onto the middle of the tissue roll, and then roll the tissue paper around the tube. Secure the end with another piece of double stick tape.

Step Three – Twist one end of the tissue paper and secure with ribbon (we curled our ribbon with scissors but you could also tie the ribbon into a bow).

Wedding Poppers

Step Four – Fill the popper (we used Hershey Kisses).

Wedding Poppers

Step Five – Twist the other end of the tissue paper and secure with ribbon.

Wedding Poppers

Step Six – Cut a piece of cardstock to create a banner for your party popper. Write a message or the couple’s initials, and use double stick tape to secure to the party popper.

Wedding Popper

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