Why Wedding Websites Still Matter

It is Easier Than You Think

If you are thinking of not doing a wedding website because it’s going be too difficult or you lack the requisite tech skills, think again. Wedding websites have come a long way in the past few years and with user friendly services like Squarespace that allow you to customize and create a unique and beautiful website in minutes, the time has never been better to build you own. Be sure to use offer code ‘RWC’ to get 10% off your first Squarespace website or domain purchase.

Central Hub For Guests

Invitations can get misplaced. Enclosure cards are often unnecessary. Therefore if you really want to avoid a spate of last minute text messages and phone calls asking for seemingly minor wedding details like whether or not open-toed shoes are an appropriate form of footwear for the rehearsal dinner, a wedding website remains an invaluable resource. Event info like attire, location and directions are only a click away and, perhaps most importantly, the hosting couple can always update and make important changes without having to establish a long and winding phone tree.

Online RSVP

When you allow your guests to RSVP online you are streamlining what is normally a very inefficient process. If you are worried about some of your older guests who may or may not be so technologically savvy you can still send out some physical response cards but not as many as you would without the online RSVP option which, for the budget conscious, can cut down significantly on printing and postage cost.

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Registry Info

A wedding registry ensures that your guests give gifts that you both want and need. Integrating a registry on your wedding website has never been easier now that Squarespace has partnered with Zola, a wedding registry that offers all the gifts, experiences and funds you want, all in one place.

Create A Wedding Website With Squarespace

Share Your Story

Everyone enjoys a good love story and a wedding website allows you to share the many highlights of your relationship. Your friends and loved ones will appreciate the detail and honesty so do not be afraid to indulge. And an effective backstory, complete with pictures and video, can get your guests even more excited for the actual wedding.

Tell Your Story With A Custom Wedding Website With Squarespace

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Make It Personal Get A Custom Domain

A wedding is a very personal expression of your love and a wedding website should embody many of those same qualities. With a resource like Squarespace, couples are able to personalize their wedding website with a custom domain and an aesthetically appealing template that will effectively capture the emotion and excitement of your wedding.

Allows Guests To Easily Access Travel & Accommodation Info

Let’s face it, traveling to and from a wedding is enough of a hassle already that you may as well make accessing some of the details – such as hotel room block info – easier to find and book from home, work or anywhere in between.

Attire & Weather Info

Guests are always interested in what they should wear and how they should plan. It’s helpful to clue guests in on what the local weather is at the time of your wedding and what sort of attire they should wear for all your events – rehearsal dinner, welcome dinner, wedding reception and brunch.

How & Why To Build A Wedding Website

Local Attractions & Things To Do

Guests will often take a few extra days around your wedding – especially if it’s a destination – to explore the area. One way to keep guests busy is to share a list of your favorite local attractions, restaurants, and outdoor activities.

Contact Info

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to a wedding so allowing your guests to have some contact info for your wedding weekend is important. When I planned my own wedding we were hosting 225 people in a small midwestern town so we made sure on our website please had phone numbers for our summer house and email addresses for key players in the wedding in case of a missed flight, flat tire or other last minute scenario.

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